Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Special Guest Post - The Teacher's Pet on the 9 San Bruno

The Teacher's Pet just sent me this headscratcher of a tale... Enjoy!

At around 2:45 pm yesterday, I boarded the 9 outbound at Potrero and 16th Street. It was packed so I crammed myself in to the strangers near the front door behind the yellow line.
A man sitting behind me suddenly exclaimed, "Hey driver, I meant to ask you to tell me when I'm at my stop."
The driver replied, "Okay, no problem. What stop are you looking for?"
The man replied, with no irony whatsoever, "San Francisco."
All of us on the crowded bus chuckled, assuming it was a joke, but the way he repeated his question quickly convinced us that he was not in the least bit kidding.

Everyone chimed in at the same time, telling him that all stops on this bus are in San Francisco, so he must have even boarded the bus in San Francisco.
"Hold up!" he cut us off. "Am I talking to y'all? Mind your own business, I'm speaking to the driver!"

When the driver confirmed what we'd already said, "We ARE in San Francisco..."
The man interrupted, "Oh NO! I missed it? Shoot!" This reaction was not in the least bit sarcastic.
The driver had to yell over the laughter, "No, this whole time we've been in San Francisco!"
The man still didn't get it. "Aw MAN, We passed it!?"

"San Francisco is big- you're looking for what area?" a friendly guy tried to help.
The addled man snapped at him, "SAN FRANCISCO."
A sarcastic lady said, "Well, he's right and we're all wrong. He knows where he's gotta go."
"Yes, SAN FRANCISCO," the man repeated, so stubborn. Everyone in earshot was either mid-laugh or stifling one since it was all so absurd.

The driver tried to help by taking a guess. "Our next stop is San Francisco General Hospital. Is that what you're looking for?"
"Well... hmmm..." the man considered this. "That sounds about right." He then made his way to the door and looked back at the crowd, volunteering the phrase "Psych ward?" like he'd just
remembered it and wanted to test it out on us.

We all affirmed this with nods as that's obviously where he needed to go. The bus stopped right at the front door of the hospital.
When the doors opened, I heard him mutter "Yeah, I'll just get off here and find a map. That's what I'll do, find a map." With that, the doors closed, and we were off.

I wonder if he made it.


Blogger Whole Wheat Toast said...

LOL but yeah I wonder if he's new to the city and an Asperger at the same time...?

7:29 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

What I loved about this little gem of a story is that everyone involved wants to be so helpful to this guy... and it just goes right over his head. But yeah,consider this a call for diagnoses! Send us your best ones, all!

2:21 PM  

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