Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bus Report #442

This morning I waited at the bus stop with an increasing number of commuters, as the minutes ticked by and no buses showed up.
NextBus wasn't helping: it said there was a 38 arriving and a 38L in 15 minutes, which seemed strange to most of us, who catch the same 38L most mornings, a 38L that should have been arriving any minute now.
In true Muni fashion, a 38L arrived a moment later, followed by a 38. We all crammed in to the 38L, and made our slow, torturous route down Geary.
Our bus was so slow, the 38 beat us to Fillmore by a couple of minutes.
I waited at Fillmore for the 22, watching four buses come and go in the opposite direction. When the bus came, I got on and made a beeline for a window seat.
It was a pretty empty bus and no one seemed to want to sit next to me (I swear I showered today, really!).
Quick and easy ride from then on...
Can't wait for tonight's commute...


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