Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bus Report #447

Yesterday I took a 38L to Fillmore and switched to the 22. The kids are back in school and both buses were full of them, kids of all ages with new shoes and backpacks, some in brand new uniforms and others in outfits you just know took days to come together.
It's sad taking the bus past Chow, which is closed for renovations after a fire. Hope they reopen soon.
Last night's commute was not much different. My 22 had little kids and their parents, and teenagers joking and laughing with their friends.
I took a 2 Clement from Fillmore, a crowded bus with a few seats in the back. I said "excuse me" and sat down between a heavy set woman and a man in a suit. Neither of them made any room for me, so I just sat down and kept my arms folded in my lap until the woman got out at Steiner. Ah, room. I could finally breathe.
We zoomed up the hill and let about half the bus out near the JCC.
A woman sat across from me with two shopping bags full of plants. Any time anyone wanted to get by, she would slide the bags in one direction or another, instead of picking them up.
Right before I got out at my stop, I saw the host of one of our neighborhood restaurants get on the bus with his kids. The little girl was so cute. She was chatting, then exclaimed, "Oh, no! I lost my pencil! Mom's gonna ground me!"
She sounded almost excited. Her dad assured her she was not going to get grounded.


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