Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bus Report #446

A weekend of Muni.

One of the things I love the most about SF is that I can get almost anywhere I need to go on one or two buses, without really having to think about it much. Case in point: I went to Zine Fest on Saturday, taking the 44 O'Shaughnessy through the park to the county fair building.
I met up with the Teacher's Pet and we spent a couple hours cruising the fest, chatting with vendors and feeling extravagant buying 1 and 2 dollar zines. The best purchase I made, though, was a button made out of an old fast pass. Genius!

Sunday I Muni-ed my way down to the Mission for Rock/Make (the 38 Geary to the 24 Divisadero), walking with M. from the Castro down to 17th and Treat. We wandered, met up with the Teacher's Pet and the Friendly Ghost, then made our way up to Mission to catch a 49 headed towards Van Ness and Sutter.
Our bus was crowded but we sat in the back, in the last two seats on the right. A woman was talking loudly on her phone, while some Italian tourists sat perfectly still and kept their eyes on the street signs outside. A man had paper stuffed into his ears. He carried a plastic bag full of newspapers and a child's pink plastic magic wand.
In front of him sat a bearded fellow with a hooded parka and two paper shopping bags full of his belongings.
We got out at Sutter and the bus kept going towards the Wharf.


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