Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bus Report #462

Random things I've meant to post but keep forgetting.

As seen out the window of the 38L two weeks ago - I saw an older man, maybe in his 60s, probably homeless, dressed in army pants and a cowboy hat, carrying a seagull tucked under his arm.
A live seagull.
It was a double take moment. I turned my head so I could see him again as we pulled away. His seagull blinked, serenely, and the man kept walking towards Polk and Geary.

Church and Market, as the 22 turned the corner - It was early, I was half asleep, but I recognized the man standing in the bus stop and I know he saw/recognized me, too. When I first moved to San Francisco he was an acquaintance of mine through some friends I don't know anymore. Nice guy, friendly, drank a little too much, an extra in my life who I hadn't thought of in years. Last I'd heard of him he'd had some major open heart surgery and had moved back home to recuperate.
So when I saw him at the bus stop, and he saw me, I smiled and silently wished him well.


Blogger tangobaby said...

I love the story about the man and his seagull. Friends.

9:02 AM  

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