Monday, October 05, 2009

Bus Report #463

Weekend on Muni:
Lots of kids dressed up like Rainbow Brite for the Love Fest... tutus and beads everywhere, and knee socks, and tube tops, and glitter. Lots of glitter.

People loaded down with picnic blankets and baskets, headed to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. In the evening, they looked tired, a little dirty, but happy.

The cop who almost busted me for jaywalking on Friday, on my morning bus on Sunday. He looked at me like he recognized me, but I hoped not.

44 O'Shaughnessy driver stopping on a dime right in front of me at the 6th and Clement stop, even though there were hordes of pushy people trying to get on before me. Thanks, driver!

So that was the weekend. More events than I can count going on all over the city, more people than usual on the bus, and it was fun trying to guess where they were headed.

This afternoon I took an empty 10 Townsend downtown and transferred to the 38 at Fremont.
There was a tall man dressed all in black, with a black bag covered, seriously - covered - in 1 inch buttons from countless bands and concerts. He had a few buttons on his jacket, too, and DJ grade headphones attached to his Discman, and a CD with an unpronouncible name on it (maybe German?) in his hand.
I felt underbuttoned, since I only have 2 on my jacket lapel.

On the bus I zoned out, listening to music and staring out the window.
New flags on the Luz Hotel.
Lots of people outside Woerner's Liquors.
Nikolas got on at Van Ness and sat a few rows ahead of me.
It was chilly out when I got to my stop. I took a few deep breaths of the deliciously cool air and walked home, happy and anticipating fall.


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