Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bus Report #483

Another wet and wild morning on Muni.
By the time I got to my stop, I was already soaked through. My sweatshirt hood didn't do anything for my hair, except maybe make my hair into more of a helmet.
The 38L driver rolled his eyes at me as a woman got out through the front. I climbed in and made my way to a dry seat in the middle of the bus. A mom and her daughter sat across from me, the daughter half asleep.
At Fillmore I stuck close to the sides of the buildings so as not to get wetter. There were a few people already waiting at the bus stop: the stinky security guy and the two rude construction workers. The construction workers looked over at me, the newcomer, and then they lit up some cigarettes and stood in the bus stop puffing away.
A woman in a red rain poncho wandered over and stood between the security guard and me.
She had a fancy bouffant hairstyle that hadn't fallen or melted yet.

The bus pulled up, one of our regular drivers, and he stopped right in front of me.
I was about to get on, when one of the rude construction workers elbowed his way into the bus in front of me! Drama!
I sucked my teeth at him and the driver gave me a slight shake of the head when I finally got on. The nerve.
The rest of the ride was uneventful. Lots of umbrella shaking and wet seats.
I jumped out at my usual stop, almost getting hit in the face with the umbrella one of the stairwell-blocking postal workers had decided to unfurl before stepping out of the way.
I escaped, ran up the street to get my coffee.
The coffee shop was empty. I guess no one else wanted to venture out on such a rainy day.


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