Monday, April 26, 2010

Bus Report #505

I thought I was late for the bus today, but it turned out I was right on time.
I caught a 38L that was mostly empty. The two rude construction workers were sitting in the middle section of the bus. One of them was asleep with his mouth wide open.
At Fillmore we all got out and went to wait for the 22.
Our driver, when the bus showed up, was new.
I looked for a seat and decided to sit next to a woman with her backpack on the seat. She was annoyed that anyone would bother her, and she took her sweet time moving her backpack and shifting over.
She wore scrubs and had a badge from a hospital clipped to her shirt.
So Lauren S., next time, buy a second transfer for your bag or else just put up and shut up. Especially since I'm probably the least creepy person who could be sitting next to her!
She got out at Church.
Our bus filled up with all the usuals: the sewing ladies, the day laborers, the students who go to the middle school near my office.
My new seatmate was a big guy, and his hip and leg kept smashing in to me. His hip seemed so rigid, or bony that I wondered if he had a hip replacement.

We idled at Mission and 16th for a while. A man with a small cart made his way to the public toilet and pulled the (already ajar) door open the rest of the way. A moment later, a very 16th Street plaza twitchy, shifty couple tried to get in the bathroom. The man started yanking at the door, and he got it part of the way open before realizing it was occupied. The couple waited until the man was done.

I got out at my usual stop and waited for the light to change. A few minutes later, coffee in hand, I walked the rest of the way down the hill to work.


Blogger dani said...

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11:05 PM  
Blogger dani said...

reposted, so I can click that box that will e-mail me follow ups :)

do you get your coffee from the same place every day? starbucks? peets? a local coffee shop?

11:07 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I go to the same local chain almost every morning to get my coffee. The baristas are so wonderful, I barely have to put in my order and it magically appears in my hand.
Ocasionally I'll go to Farley's, which is close to where I work. They are great, too.

8:16 AM  

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