Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bus Report #502

Saturday morning I was up early, to take a class at City College Continuing Ed.* at Fort Mason. I walked up to Park Presidio and stood in the bus shelter, squinting in the morning sun. The bus was on time and soon I was headed towards the bridge with a handful of tourists and a few sewing ladies headed for... Not sure. Somewhere on Lombard, I think.
It was a quiet ride to the bridge, no traffic due to the early hour. There were about thirty cyclists in their head to toe advertising cycling gear, all clumped together on their bikes in front of the bridge cafe.
I thought, what a lovely day for a ride over the bridge to Marin. Clear and warm and not a single cloud obscuring the view. I hope they had a good ride.
The bus circled back around and joined the rest of the Marina-bound traffic. I got out at Divisadero and wandered down to Chestnut to get a coffee before class.

The ride back home later on that afternoon was just as easy and chill. More tourists, more confusion at the bridge stop (buses bound in both directions share the same stop, a little confusing for first timers) and more igadget engaged teens.

*Little plug here for CCSF Continuing Ed. I've taken at least one class a term here for years, they have a lot of great offerings though some of the locations are annoying. I can vouch for the writing classes, as well as a sewing class and one of the cooking classes. Email me for details if you want my opinions!


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