Monday, April 19, 2010

Bus Report #503

Sunday was the Third CALIBER photo walk. I made sure my camera had batteries (and that my small LOMO had film, unlike last time) and then I hoofed it out to the bus. It was hot out, and the 38 was stuffy because most of the windows were closed. I opened a few and squeezed in to a seat between a kid with a huge backpack and a woman loaded down with shopping bags. I managed to zone out for most of the ride, until we hit Fillmore.
I got out and walked to the 22 stop. There were a few pasty-white-folks-in-shorts buying tickets at the Fillmore Auditorium. In the bus stop, there was a woman passed out on one of the benches and a few kids standing in the shade, paying with their igadgets.
The bus came a few minutes later. It was surprisingly empty, so I slid in to a window seat on the shady side and put on my headphones to listen to some music.
We glided down Fillmore Street. It's always strange for me to ride the bus in the early part of the day, because it's not 7 AM and it's not 5 PM, stores are open and people are actually outside doing things other than waiting for buses. There were guys hanging out in the mini park near the police station.
I got out at 16th and Valencia. It is still weird to see how wide the sidewalk is on Valencia now. And sad to see Abandoned Planet Books gone. I walked a little bit, then stopped for a lemonade before heading to 16th and Mission to meet everyone for the photo walk.
The walk was great fun, it was nice to meet new people and see people I've met before. I haven't posted my photos yet, but I will, probably this weekend.
Thanks, CALIBER!


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