Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bus Report #520

This week on the 22...

Yesterday morning, a man got on my 22 with three huge, empty kegs of Red Hook. It took him a few minutes to get on, since he could only carry two at a time. He managed to completely block the back door for the duration of his ride. He got out at Haight, taking two trips down to the sidewalk to move his kegs. Then he took another two trips, rolling them around the corner to the 71 Haight/Noriega stop.

In the afternoon, a couple got on at Valencia (or, as the idiotic new voice recording says, Valensha). The woman wore a bright yellow SAN FRANCISCO sweatshirt. She had a suitcase and two duffels. Her boyfriend had a back pack and a gigantic cardboard box built specifically for shipping a bike, with a bike in it. On the bus. Yeah. They moved back to right next to me, where they spent the next twenty minutes blocking people in every direction. The woman smelled as though she had just spent the morning working in a fish packing plant. I tried not to be sick.
They finally got out at Grove, after a lot of yelling, shoving, and trying to tilt the bike box out the back door.

A man tried to sneak on through the back door, but the door closed before he could get on, and his arm got stuck in the door. Finally, someone stepped down to let him on. No harm done.

This morning, a very twitchy, very chatty, very animated man sat down next to one of the older ladies who gets on at Oak. She tried her best to be polite as he immediately started talking to her, showing her an article in the B.A.R., and laughing hysterically. She looked like she wanted to escape, but she kept her cool for the rest of the ride. He kept jabbering. Everyone else ignored him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure why you refer to the voice as idiotic. Valensha is how native Missionites (sp?) called it and still call it today.

2:26 PM  

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