Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bus Report #588

This morning on the 22 Fillmore:

One man dug into his tote bag and took out a box of dental floss. He tore off a long piece and set to work flossing his teeth. I think I said, "God, that's disgusting," out loud instead of just thinking it.
I tried to look away but caught his reflection in the glass. I looked down at my hands instead.
A few minutes later, he hacked up what sounded like several ounces of phlegm. I didn't watch him do it.

Later, at Valencia (or 'Valensha' as the automated recording says) two men tried to get out through the back door after the driver had already shut it. One of them kept banging the door until the driver opened it for them.

The other man had fresh blood smeared over his nose and cheek, and a large patch of blood on the white part of his windbreaker. I know I wasn't the only person watching to see if he touched anything, so I could avoid it later.


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