Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bus Report #591

Late afternoon, waiting in front of Thee Parkside for the 22 Fillmore bus.
I've got my headphones on, listening to some music, when I notice a high school kid in a baseball uniform standing next to the fence at Jackson Playground.
He sees me and calls out to me. I take off my headphones, yell back, "What was that?"
He points off to my left and says, "Can you do me a favor? Can you grab that baseball and toss it back over the fence?"
I look at my watch. Couple minutes before the bus is supposed to arrive, so why not?
I jog across the street and follow his pointing finger down to the street, where a filthy, worn out baseball sits next to a parked car. I pick up the ball and throw it over the fence.
The kid catches it and says, "hey, thanks a lot!"
"Welcome," I say, and cross back to the bus stop to catch the bus that's just now coming around the corner.


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