Monday, April 22, 2013

Bus Report #742

Saturday I had to go meet some folks in Berkeley so I left my apartment earlier than I had originally planned, because I figured Muni would be a little crazy (it was 4/20, and Earth Day, and I think maybe a Cesar Chavez parade?).
I went out to catch the 38. It was not looking good - about a dozen people already waiting.
NextBus said there was a bus arriving, and there was... But it never stopped. Same for the bus right behind it.
I walked up to the next stop to catch the 38L. There were about 20 people there already, and counting.
Three 38Ls passed by, all destined for the garage. NextBus now predicted 9 minutes and 19 for the 38 and 15 minutes and 16 minutes for the 38L.
Oh, crap.
Five minutes later and there were about 30 people at the stop.
A 28 bus approached the stop on the corner. I decided to take it out to the Sunset and try my luck on the 71 or the N.
The 28 was crowded, too - half with tourists in safari gear clutching maps, half with tie-dyed, spacey, mess-haired kids who seemed incapable of moving into the bus with any sense of urgency.

The 71 bus stop looked as packed as the 38 had been, the N stop a little better.
After another fifteen minutes the N arrived and we all got on.
I got to BART twenty minutes after I was supposed to, and had just missed my East Bay train.

Twenty minutes later, I was finally on my way.


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