Friday, February 21, 2014

Bus Report #793

This morning, the elderly schoolteacher and I missed the 38 Geary bus by mere seconds.
We stood in the bus shelter and lamented our bad timing. I just had to finish my tea, grab two apples instead of one, didn't I?
A few minutes later our sweet driver pulled up, wished us a good morning and a happy weekend. "Nice to see you, Rachel," he said, and I told him I hoped he'd have a good day.

Down on Fillmore, one of the construction workers and the smiley teen were already waiting for the 22.
The smiley teen waved and grinned at me, and continued her phone conversation.
We waited.
A couple of neighborhood creepers strolled by, talking to themselves and staring intently at a couple of pieces of paper trash mashed into the sidewalk.

The smiley teen greeted and hugged a few friends who were on their way to school.

From down the block I saw a bright yellow-clad figure shuffling down the street. When Mr. Henry Taylor, the world's oldest school crossing guard, walks to work, it is never a good sign.
He crossed the street and we exchanged hellos and good mornings, and I said, "Walking it today?"
He replied, "Well, it says no buses are coming for another 12 minutes at least."
Even Mr. Taylor can walk to work in 12 minutes. I wished him luck and a good weekend.
He waved goodbye to me and the smiley teen and shuffled off down Fillmore.
The bus took longer than 12 minutes, more like 20, and when it finally arrived there were about a dozen of us waiting to get on.
I got down to Potrero Hill half an hour later than I should have.
At least today's Friday.


Blogger To live that day said...

In a recent visit to San Francisco, your spying blog was on my mind whenever I took a public transport. Thank you for your simple enjoyable moments.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks so much, To live that day.
I really appreciate it. I hope you had a good visit and did some spying of your own!

7:12 AM  

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