Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Bus Report #849

I think it's safe to say that this week is, as odd as it sounds, beard week on Fog City Notes.

This afternoon I caught the 5 Fulton to Divisadero from downtown.
An older man got on the bus and stood near the front. He was wearing a nicely tailored suit with a light blue shirt and a blue and lavender tie, shiny black shoes and an understated silver wedding band. He had a well-maintained salt and pepper beard but from where I sat, it looked like he had a piece of food or something stuck to the side of his beard. I wondered if he had any idea he had something caught there, or if someone on the bus would say something, but he just stood there and the people sitting around him didn't say anything to him.

He eventually made his way back to near where I was sitting. He turned and I could see the object in his beard quite clearly.

It was a small blue and gold piece of jewelry, in the shape of a stylized spider with slightly inward-curving legs that nestled into the hair just above the right side of his chin. the spider's body was blue, and I wondered if it was lapis lazuli.

How very odd, I thought, but also, how cool. Beard jewelry. Huh. Never saw that before.


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