Friday, November 18, 2016

Bus Report #946

This morning was a "Ms. Rachel's Neighborhood" kind of day.

On the way to the bus I ran in to Ruben, our Recology guy, and we waved to each other as we always do.

I walked past the shtetl scholar's block but didn't see him - but then just as I was walking away he tore out of his apartment and we caught up for a moment at the corner. Wished each other a good day and he hurried off.

Our bus driver was the friendly guy who reminds me of Jason. We said hi and I asked him how his weekend was (it was good, and relaxing) and then we were off.

Hi to the two women who get on at Stanyan and Hayes.

Hi to the woman who works in my building, who gets on at Hattie.

Hi to the friendly guy who gets on at Castro.

Walking from the bus stop to work, I greeted the younger guy at the garage and exchanged Thanksgiving wishes.

The woman who always waits for the 10 by SWAT? Yeah, we chatted, too.

Hope everyone has a grand weekend.


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