Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Bus Report #1040

I dreamt last night that I was walking barefoot through a pile of used needles and other trash on my way to work. Luckily that is all it was. The sidewalks today were, for the most part, clean.

I walked down the street in the fog. Past our sleeping neighborhood homeless women. Past the closed-up corner store ("Gran re-opening Wed. 9/4, we miss you all!").
I goodmorninged the Recology guys and the owner of Toy Boat.

Waved and cooed at the baby who toddled down Clement clutching her family dog's leash. The dog was patient and walked slowly behind her. The baby's dad brought up the rear, sleepy, yawning.

The bus was later than I expected. I swear, they've redone the schedule without any warning. My early bus is now too early and the late one is five minutes away from being too late.

When the bus arrived I asked the driver. He wasn't sure about the schedule change but he was certain he was right on time.

The mom with the two boys got on the bus, only this time the little guy was not in a stroller, he was walking! He needed his mom and older brother to help him, but man. That's huge. I grinned and said good morning to them and watched the three of them find seats together in the front. Mom with her arm around the little one in the seat, the big brother facing his family. The little guy sat quietly the whole ride. This is going to be big for them, really big. They deserve it.

We cruised through the Haight and the Castro, barely stopping but for a couple of people.

I hopped out at my usual stop. Crossed the street with a couple other co-passengers. One of them works at the book donation center. He always speeds ahead of me but we get there around the same time. I don't know how it works.

At the corner, construction workers smoothed wet concrete to make a new bulb-out. I watched their work for a moment. It was mesmerizing. That concrete, so smooth. so, so smooth.


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