Thursday, September 23, 2004

Breakdowns & Upsides

The 22 was right on time last night and it was one of the nice drivers. And I had a seat. So of course the bus broke down at Bryant. The driver did not say anything but we were sitting there for about 10 minutes. I lowered the sound on my walkman to hear the people in the back of the bus cursing the driver and complaining, and yelling at each other. which led to a minor insurrection. The bus emptied out and everyone ran for the 22 behind it. Everyone but me and the pretty boys and the mom and 2 kids. We caught the 33 that was behind the 22.
It was a long ride home and I lost NPR reception on Twin Peaks.
But we had a crazy man who kept telling people, "i hate you i hate you i love you i hate you."
And when I walked home from the bus, I passed by the only phone booth in the neighborhood, and the phone was ringing. I cut my eyes at it and wondered if I should answer it.
The accordionist was playing on a street corner, singing off tune as he played.
And the grocery store was empty, the girl behind the counter was tired and I teased her about not having any customers, and she rolled her eyes. Put her head down on the counter. Threw her hands up. She'd been busy until right before I walked in.
Walking down the last block before I got home, the sun was so bright I could not see two feet in front of me.
What a good commute.


Blogger april said...

best. busreport. ever!
(i felt like i was there. yay. o i'm so homesick...)

7:50 AM  

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