Friday, August 27, 2004

Week In Review

Still drinking the decaf.
Saw a grown man by safeway wearing Scooby-Doo slippers, sitting on a bench.
Speaking of Safeway: Let me just say that the people working at the Potrero Safeway are the nicest people. They are always helpful, and when I could not find the pears or the batteries the other day they helped me out and were very gracious.

There's something nice about walking down a hallway and smelling a friend's cologne. And you say to yourself, "M. must have just walked by." It's nice.

Very hot day today. Potrero Hill, haven of corrugated tin and flat concrete was sizzling. Breathing was hard. Concentrating on work was hard.

I was bored so I took a look at Learning To Love You More to see what was new. What a cool project, I encourage everyone to take a gander.


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