Monday, August 09, 2004

Bus Report #20

You know it's Monday when:
-The 38 never shows up, and when it does it is 15 minutes later than normal.
-The 22 shows up and it is an unfamiliar driver.
-A man dressed head to toe in red leather sits beside you, legs splayed out, eating a Little Debby Snack Cake. His outfit matches your plastic Frida Kahlo lunch sack.
-You notice that the back door of the bus looks as though someone tried to punch it out, or perhaps someone's head made contact with it at a high speed.
-You go to buy your newspaper from the paper box and the box eats your nickels. And you proceed to kick, punch, rock and shake the box until it spews nickels all over the sidewalk, and M. gives you quarters to use instead and only then, ONLY THEN, after you have kicked the newspaper boxes' ass does it decide to ante up and give you the paper.
-And you almost spill coffee all over the desk.
-And contractors are calling you every five minutes so that you have spoken to V. 5 TIMES AND IT IS NOT EVEN 9:30 AM YET.


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