Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Some Things Never Change

The kids are, as mentioned last time, back at school. Their clothes and bags and shoes still look brand new, hair is freshly cut and braided, and while they have gone on to higher grades or new schools, they still try to scam the (in)famous bus driver and they continue to fail at it. Note to the kids: You have nice new clothes and just bought stuff at McDonald's. Surely, SURELY you have 35 cents in your pocket to use for bus fare. What's that? You don't? Well, have fun walking. Because no matter how much you plead and beg and threaten, he will not let you on the bus.
In fact, the driver turned away 8 people today, I counted. And I agreed with him, I must say.

The prettiest little girls in the world and their mom were on the bus this morning. The girls have different school uniforms than last year, and something else: a new baby brother! But they still laugh and giggle with their mom while they ride, and they are still as sweet as can be. Adorable.

In non-bus related news:
Julieta Venegas is up for several Latin Grammys tonight. Keep those fingers crossed...


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