Friday, September 10, 2004


Maybe it's the routes I take, or the universal availability of knock off products but I've been noticing a lot of clothes and other stuff that is covered in nonsensical English words, or at least words written in the English alphabet.
Several examples.
Woman on the bus this morning had a shoulder bag that proclaimed, "FIB!" and a T-Shirt that said "Dear".
The girl sitting next to me had a backpack covered with the word "Subteaser".
Also, some neighborhood favorites:
-Zico brand flip flops, replete with the Puma puma.
-My backpack, a brand called 'Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club'
-Everyone else's backpacks, which are often emblazoned with 'bagmax!' or 'Ampac'
-off-brand Pocky sticks called Pokey.

I invite other examples.


Blogger Sloan said...

I must try this 'Pokey' of which you speak.

We recently tied the latest addition to the Pocky family, the curiously named 'Pocky G.' Delicious.

11:27 AM  

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