Thursday, August 12, 2004

Decaffeinating Myself, One Day At A Time

It is day two of my decaffeinate-a-thon. I have been drinking only decaf coffee and am trying to only have one or two teas a day. I felt nice and relaxed last night, which is hopefully partially due to cutting back on the caffeine. It's been years since I tried to do this, we'll see what happens. Hopefully I will feel less nervous and jittery, have a normal pulse and heart rate, and be able to pass the blood donor screening without a hitch (They usually make me sit and have a glass of water and need to take my pulse 2 or 3 times before letting me donate). And maybe it will keep me from attacking newspaper boxes and phones. My fingers are crossed (and they are not shaking...)

I took the 38 with Miss K. this morning, which got me to the 22 later than usual. We had a new driver who honked the horn a lot. No kids and no loud people, no boomboxes, no McDonald's breakfasts, no fights. Just one old man licking his fingers, and the semi-paralysed guy trying to extract his bus pass from his pocket with his mouth (it worked).

A thought:
Blood banks are really low on blood right now. If you are able to donate (physically healthy and not prone to fainting at the sight of needles) you really should. Contact your local American Red Cross or Blood Centers of the Pacific for details on where and when you can go. It is quick and easy and does not hurt. And you get a snack.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cutting back on coffee is the most difficult thing I have ever tried. Working for myself as a painter I was at 6+ cups a day. I tried going cold turkey without success. Then I tried replacement, but tea does not give me the same comfort. Finally I have tried to merely cut back to around 3 or 4 cups a day and hopefully that works. I wish you strength and hope your Detoxing goes well.

Cousin #2

P.S. Rachel, I am designing a closet and installing it for a friend of mine...

5:18 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Cousin #2--
Does that make you a closet designer? or a closeted designer? or does it make you cousin #last on my list of cousins?

9:25 AM  
Blogger april said...

rachel darlingsweetheartpeach, i lift my cup of caffiene toxins to you this mornin' - you're a champion for trying such.
and i'm sorry i faint at the sight of needles/blood/nurses, i really really am. i wish i weren't such a wuss, i do.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Sloan said...

so what's the score - still caffeine free?

1:09 PM  

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