Friday, September 24, 2004

The Smallest Bus Aficionado

On the bus the other day the dad with the 2 kids who gets on and off at Divisadero was sitting behind me.
The 4 year old said, "Is this the limited?"
To which dad replied, "No, the 22 doesn't have a limited, this is a regular."
Kid: "And then we'll switch to the 38 Limited? and then the 24?"
Dad: "Yes."
Just then, an empty 31 bumped by.
Kid: "Ooh, a catepillar bus." (the long busses have an accordion-like fold in the middle, and on hills they look to be inching.)
Dad: "Yes."
Kid: "But that's not a 22 right?"
Dad: "No, it's the 31."

I loved this kid. No older than 4, and he already knows the different busses, the routes and the stops. I'd love to borrow him for the day and ride around. Whatever line he wants!


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