Monday, December 27, 2004

Jews and Movies: A Christmas made in Hollywood Heaven

Being Jewish has a lot of advantages, especially at Christmas time. There are no obligations, there's time off from work, which means plenty of time to go to the movies!
I saw two movies, at two very different theaters.
First, M. and I went to the Clay to see Bad Education (La mala educacion). It was great, everything about it was great, Almodovar first of all, so you can't go wrong, and a strong cast led by Fele Martinez and the beautiful and talented Gael Garcia Bernal. Lovely camera work, colors, etc.
We had a good time. Also, there were some pretty good trailers.
Second, I went with D. and H. to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou at the Metreon. D. had gotten tickets ahead of time (THANKS, D.!) and we met up near the Chronicle Books display. I'd been paging through the new book of Rock and Roll posters. Definitely worth a look. Anyway, we got seats in the mammoth theater, and then were basically held hostage by commercials for 1/2 an hour. But the movie, once it finally started, was hilarious and heartfelt. I think any Wes Anderson fan would like it. Bill Murray just gets better and better, far as I'm concerned, too.
Anyway, no excuses, there are good movies out there and I plan to see both of these again!


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