Monday, February 28, 2005

Bus Report #49 & other stuff not related to public transit (Gasp!)

This morning while waiting for my bus, a very, very raggedy man got on the express bus. I was glad he did not get on mine: he smelled awful and wore layers of rags upon layers of rags, with duct tape wrapped around his hands. But he did pay his fare, I'll give him that.
At Fillmore, the teen who always talks to me was freezing in a tank top. We talked about the weather and hoped it would not rain. So far, it has not rained, so hopefully it will keep up. And hopefully she'll come to her senses and put on more clothes. It's way too cold for tank tops.

This weekend I walked all over our fair city. Downtown is, predictably, a zoo as always.
I decided to skip the 38 Geary on my way home and walked up to Sutter and caught the 2 Clement. Listened to a good report on NPR about blindness.

Yesterday it poured, and the Teacher's Pet and I were hard pressed to find a cozy cafe in which to knit and hang out. Farley's was full, and She'd already been to Atlas, so we thought maybe there'd be something for us in Noe Valley. Not a thing. Except parking.
We ended up drenched and hungry, so we went to the Citrus Club in the Haight, where, bizarrely, there was parking right in front.
The Citrus Club was one of the first places in San Francisco I ate in. It fit the bill last night.


Blogger Grrg said...

Teacher's pet went to the the Citrus Club!?!? This is big news indeed! You realize, of course, that this was the ONE place in San Francisco I was FORBIDDEN from eating at. Or are they under new ownership or something? Or has the Teacher's Pet, y'know, "moved on"?

4:01 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

she felt very weird about it, but the deal was if there was parking right out in front we would go there, and lo and behold there was. A miracle!

4:11 PM  

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