Friday, February 11, 2005

Bus Report #45

More odds and ends.

I had the Snappy Dresser sitting beside me this morning. He always looks razor-sharp, wears suits with incredibly bright ties and striped shirts. It's a look that maybe 2 people can pull off, and he is one of them. This morning's tie was royal purple with thick black diagonal stripes. He always reads Women's Wear Daily, so I imagine he works in fashion.

One of the teens, who gets on at my old Oak Street stop, told me she liked my eyes. I thanked her, and then she asked me my race/ethnicity. I was taken aback. I didn't think you asked such questions on the bus. I replied, "Jewish," and turned up my headphones. She gave me a confused look. Like I gave her the wrong answer or something. Sorry, honey. Ask a weird question and you get a weird answer (although it is true, and I do think it counts as a race/ethnicity).

Another of the teens spent the whole ride chatting with the (in)famous bus driver.

3 Cor-O-Van guys tried to get on through the back of the bus so the (in)famous bus driver told them they absolutely had to board through the front. Which is what he tells everyone every day. They were pissed off, cursed him, and spent the rest of the ride talking about him loudly in Spanish.

I saw my favorite sweatshop lady. We waved and grinned at each other across the length of the bus.

The mom with the 4 little kids was taking the oldest boy to school. The toddler buried his face in another regular rider's jacket.


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