Monday, February 07, 2005

Bus Report #43

I'm slacking. So here are a few bus moments from the past few days.

1. Nothing brings people together like urine.
Wednesday's afternoon bus reeked of urine, so strong at first I thought it was cheap incense. Everyone on the bus had their noses covered, and they were talking about it. People warned each other to avoid sitting in the back of the bus. Kids clustered by the doors. We all wondered why the bus was still in service and there was definitely a mutiny brewing, though it went unrealized when the most vocal rider got off at Mission. Ben sat two rows ahead of me, headphones on, headphones half on while on cell phone, headphones off and swivelled around a couple of times to smile smile and say hello, goodbye.

2. Who doesn't like a Thursday?
I decided to take the 33 on Thursday, since I got to the bus stop early enough to catch the 5:35 bus. Stood at the stop with many of my commute companions. Ben and friend walked by, smile smile wave wave and hey how are you?
The 33 was crowded by the time I got on but I managed a seat. Quiet bus despite the crowd. Good non-fog obstructed view from Twin Peaks. Back in the neighborhood, things were bustling. With Chinese New Year on it's way, everyone was doing their shopping. The accordionist played 'America the Beautiful' and then promptly played it again at the request of a serene looking T-shirt wearing neighborhood guy.

3. Tempers Flaring.
Yesterday afternoon I took the 43 Masonic from City College home. I'd been at a Super Bowl party behind City College, which was fun. So, full of beer and pizza I settled myself into a seat on the 43. It was pretty empty and oddly enough, besides the driver all the passengers were women. A girl sat right in front of me and we watched the sun set. It was all pink and orange and purple and gorgeous. A plastic juice bottle started rolling around in the back of the bus and the driver pulled over and said, "Pick it up, it's yours, pick it up,"
The bottle belonged to no one. I said, "It's not anybody's, it's just rolling around, but if you want we can pick it up."
he said, "No, it's hers with the headphones."
It of course was not. The girl in front of me yelled that she was late for work. She scooped up the bottle and jammed it into her backpack, and was sullen the rest of the trip.


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