Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bus Report #50

Mishmash of Bus related activities and musings:

-Open letter to the boy wearing the white boxers: Hey, pull up your pants! No one on this bus wants to see your underwear, no matter how pristinely white it is. You are wearing a belt. USE IT!

-Three people reading paperbacks with severely cracked spines (the books, not the readers)

-Many CCA students wearing paint-spattered clothes

-One of the regular riders, a mom with a little girl and an even littler boy got on the bus this morning. It was very crowded and there was only one seat open so the mom took it and had the little boy in her lap. The little girl wandered a bit towards the back and the mom called her back. There was an elderly Ethiopian lady sitting next to the mom (she is also a regular) and she scooped up the little girl and sat her on her lap. They rode like that the rest of the ride, the elderly lady whispering in the little girl's ear from time to time.

-Last night, I had the good fortune to be on the same bus with Carmen. After our initial five minutes of saying how glad we were to see each other, how we always thought of each other and looked for each other, we got down to business. Her family is doing very well. Carmen just returned from a vacation in Florence with her husband. Her work schedule has been up and down lately but at least her son has been driving her to work lately. We got off the 22 and waited together for the 38. We chattered the whole ride, and I almost missed my stop because of it. Which would have been fine, Carmen's a bus super star.


Blogger april said...

aw, the bit about the elderly lady sharing her lap with the little girl is just so heartwarming and darling...

10:28 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

It's all true, that's the most heartwarming bit of all...

10:34 AM  

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