Friday, February 25, 2005

Bus Report #48

Things have been pretty subdued on the bus all week. No major fights, not many conversations worth overhearing, and only two people have tried to cross the (in)famous driver.
Although this morning the girl with the ripped coat said something nasty to her friend about him. What is wrong with her? He's just doing his job.
I spent about 10 minutes staring at British-Look-Guy's neck tattoo last night. It's a jaguar, stylized, with green eyes and a protruding red tongue. Two Ethiopian girls were discussing their tattoos. One swore she'd never get one and the other swore that when she did it would be very unique. They gave him a look as they all got off the bus but I wasn't sure if it was a 'go team' look or a 'lame' look.

This morning, waiting for the bus, I overheard the teen-who-always-looks-like-he's-going-clubbing (I imagine he goes to Death Rock Booty Call, but who knows?) trying to figure out where to catch the 9 San Bruno.
He looked pretty confused when he got off the phone so I told him where to catch it. He shook his head, "I hate this stuff," but thanked me for my help before he took off.
I saw Stephanie (We've been bus mates for years but only saying Hi since the summer)at the Potrero Center and we said hi and have a good weekend to each other.

Mission Grounds cafe looks closed. This makes me very sad, because although I've only been there a few times, it is one of F's favorite spots.


Blogger Hardtail For Life said...

Sorry to hear about the cafe shutting down. I had a similar experience last year. It took a while, but I eventually got over it and found a new place (although they took out the beautiful hardwood and replaced it with tile).

9:06 AM  

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