Friday, June 03, 2005

Bus Report #72

Yesterday morning I had to run down Geary (hurtle down Geary, really) to catch the 22. Luckily, the shaved-head-and-glasses driver waited for me to get there. He is so nice!
This morning no running was involved in my commute, even though I left the apartment a few minutes late. Mr. Polite and Miss Pushy were waiting for the 38 when I got to the stop. I had barely put on my headphones when it pulled up.
The Brazilian sisters were sitting across from me, putting on their make up (less is more, darlings!)
The older sister kept applying lip gloss, and eyeshadow, and lip gloss.
At Fillmore, I waited in a sunny spot for the 22.
Today, the driver was the (in)famous driver. He waved at me and stopped the bus right in front of me, but Mrs. Pushy (no relation to Miss Pushy) elbowed past me to get on the bus. Some people.
The driver was wearing a bandana and he looked like a pirate.


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