Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bus Report #73

Yesterday morning, my favorite sweatshop lady sat beside me. As I was getting out of the bus, she patted my arm and said goodbye about eight times. It was cute.

Today I waited for the 38 in the rain, with Miss Pushy and Mr. Polite, and the jittery spidery lady. She kept her umbrella up INSIDE the bus shelter, which took up a lot of space. When I got on the 38 (after Miss Pushy had elbowed her way in front of me), I spotted Carmen. We went to the back of the bus and sat together, and chatted. On the 22, we sat in the back of the bus with the Mission High kids. We chatted and gossiped as always, and then she got out at her stop. I was sleepy and as soon as I had my radio on again, I drifted into sort-of-sleep for a few stops.
At my stop, which I have decided to call Kansas Street instead of Rhode Island (because it's not Rhode Island, Rhode Island is the NEXT block! So why confuse people with letting them off on Kansas? Hmm?) I stopped for a newspaper which proceeded to get wet as I walked the rest of the way. I felt nervous passing by the homeless encampment, because the bus some of the people live in had the door open and in front of the bus was a pick up truck with a bunched up blanket on the back. I walked fast. I did not want to be nabbed or scared by someone getting out of the bus. Also, the area around the encampment smelled and the rain had gotten harder.

I found out that the commuter I call Ramon is named Francisco, so that means the commuter I call Francisco needs a new name. Let's just swap them. From now on, Ramon is Francisco, and Francisco will be Ramon.


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