Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bus Report #82

This weekend I hosted the rest of the Moores, and we had some exciting bus adventures.
2 Clement to Van Ness and Sutter:
We had a lovely driver on this bus. She was super friendly and very nice, and funny. We sat four in a row towards the rear of the bus. She was so animated we had to laugh when she yelled at double parked cars and called for people in the bus to cede their seats to the elderly ladies. She almost forgot to tell a couple which stop to get off at: she started to pull away from the curb and then braked suddenly.
"43 Masonic connection, I almost made you folks walk all the way back up the hill," she said as the couple thanked her and got out.
We thanked her when we got out at our stop. We hung back so as not to get too close to a crazy man who was cackling and muttering to himself.

49 Van Ness to Mission and 30th:
We got on a 49 bus and again sat in the rear. The bus started moving before I sat down and I almost ended up in my seatmate's lap. Luckily, he was a good sport about it. Instead of turning onto Otis, our bus headed towards downtown. After a few minutes of panicked/annoyed passengers, we realized the bus was being rerouted to avoid construction on Mission. We were treated to a tour of SOMA. It was brillantly sunny still but there were not many pedestrians about.
The people sitting opposite us talked loudy on cellphones.
I saw a man at a crosswalk who works in my building.
At 16th Street our bus turned up to Mission. I showed the Professor the ad for Medea, The Musical, which is playing at the Theater Rhinoceros. It was funny.
Our bus coasted down Mission, and I pointed out the fruit stand where the women got into a food fight, and the murals, and some of the quirkier store fronts.


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