Monday, June 13, 2005

Bus Report #74

This weekend I explored some new parts of familiar bus routes. Saturday I took the 2 Clement down to Polk Street, and after a few hours wandering in Russian Hill, I stopped for cinnamon tea at a Royal Grounds. At the cafe, I overheard three girls bad mouthing a fourth friend of theirs who was not there.
I walked to Fillmore (via Union Street, fancy!). Along the way I remembered that the date on my watch was off by a few days. I had not been able to fix it and it was bothering me. I walked past a fancy jewelery store that had a sign in the window advertising watch repair. I went in and waited for the woman ahead of me in line to finish purchasing a $700.00 ring for herself. The jeweler was so nice: he fixed my watch and did not charge me for it.
There are still honest and nice people in the world.
I took the 22 Fillmore up over the hill and got out near Pets Unlimited to look at the animals. I was right on time for a French movie at the Clay, so I decided to see it. It was a cute comedy called Apres Vous.
This morning while I was on a fairly quiet 22 (The kids just had their last day of school, so they were not on the bus) I saw curious signs posted all over 16th Street. They were on regular copier paper, with huge block letters. The signs said: PANTS. There were three signs taped to a lamppost: PANTS PANTS PANTS.


Blogger Greg said...

In Britain the word "pants" only ever means "underpants." (For what we would call "pants," they always use the term "trousers.") Besides creating opportunities for British people to mock American speakers (see also: "fannypack"), this causes phrases like "pee your pants" and "party in my pants" to be, like, ten times funnier than the exact same phrases in American English.

On an unrelated note: isn't San Francisco getting a little tired of this stuff, what we might call the "Monkey Knife Fight" stunts? Isn't it getting a little... played out?

4:39 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Yep, Greg, you are right. I don't know what the pants story is. I just chalk it up to Mission District SFSU Art students!

12:44 PM  

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