Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bus Report #75

Old Home Week on the bus...
The drivers are all on vacation or summer assignments, and the kids are off of school, but this week it seems like I've seen almost all the regulars who ride the 22 and the 38.
-Mr. Polite and I are now saying hello to each other when we meet at the bus stop. Today I ran to catch the bus and he added, "you just made it."
-Carmen is on a summer schedule so we have been sitting in the back of the bus chatting giddily from 12th Avenue to 16th Street and Dolores.
-The mom with the 4 little kids is still on the 22, even though her oldest boy is done with school for the summer. I guess the little kids still have daycare.
-Kim sat across from me today, reading the Examiner.
-My favorite sweatshop lady sat against the window this morning, chatting with friends.
-Francisco at the bus stop, full of smiles and exagerated hand gestures.
-The cigarette smoking Russian guy in Ray-Bans: puffing up a storm at 7 AM, and again at 5:30 PM.
-Neck-Tattoo-British-Look-Guy, walking in his strange, toe-walking, odd gait way, across the street at McAllister.


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