Monday, June 27, 2005

Bus Report #77

Or, why I always give myself plenty of time to get places.

This weekend I had special guests in town, Baby Sis and Bernest. We spent a lot of time bussing our way across this city, with few mishaps.
Thursday- 1 California to Chinatown: We sat in the back of the bus in the rear facing seats. Stared at a twitchy briefcase toting guy and rolled our eyes at him.
Saturday- Waited with N. for a 49 Van Ness which took 1/2 an hour to arrive. In the meantime, at least 6 14 Missions passed us by.
MUNI Math: 49 Van Ness divided by 14 Mission = 3.5 14 Missions
This must mean, for every 3.5 14 Missions there should be a 49 Van Ness. But there wasn't.
We wandered down Valencia to catch the 33 Stanyan on 18th. We waited. And waited. Someone had posted a cartoon in the bus shelter, of the cartoon PUNI which spoofs MUNI. It was funny.
Soon there was a critical mass of people waiting. Stephanie, who rides the 22 with me was there, and we spent 10 minutes debating if we should try for the 22 or not. She decided to go for it, since there was a parade scheduled for the evening and it was about to start (Pink Saturday? Not sure).
So she went to catch the 22. We waited some more, then decided to go for it as well.
We ran down Valencia and there was a 22 right in the bus stop. It was broken.
"Honey, get on the bus behind me," the driver instructed us. We climbed on the next bus.
Stephanie was standing towards the back. "You made it!" she said.


Blogger april said...

ah, transit...! trimet is very similar to muni in that way. you love it, you hate it, and overall it works...over.all.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

yep. It's always fun. when it works it rocks, when it doesn't, at least you make instant friends with the other disillusioned commuters...

4:50 PM  

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