Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bus Report #83

Everyone is hideous today.

For some reason, I was very uncharitable towards everyone on the bus, with the exception of Kim and L.
The rest of the commuters were disgusting today.
Dandruff, matted hair, stale cigarettes and beer, mothballs, skunky coffee.
Twisted teeth. Stained teeth. No teeth.
Kim got on the bus at her usual stop and said hello. At Church, after all the kids tumbled out, she worked her way to the rear of the bus. She is reading another John Muir book these days.
I saw L. out the window. He was waiting for the J Church, smoking a cigarette. I see him from time to time and it always reminds me of my first summer in San Francisco, because that was when I met him. He looks good, for someone who recently had major heart surgery.
I watched him smoke, and imagined a scar on his chest.
We turned onto 16th Street and the wires got disconnected. This happens more often than not, and it is scary when the bus is diagonal, unmoving in the middle of a 4-way intersection.
The burnt-out buildings from last week's fire still look really bad. There is burnt furniture and debris in piles along the sidewalk. I wondered if the Synagogue nearby is doing any relief work for the fire victims.


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