Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bus Report #84

The Professor, during a lengthy research session on the habits of red-eared turtles uncovered the following vintage bus reports. As far as a I can tell, they are at least a year and a half old, from before I started FogCityNotes.
How little things change. Enjoy!

Bus Report #12

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Another missive from our favorite stop along the
22. Used to be, McAllister was the stop. Where
purses got snatched and people fought. Nice to
see that the action has moved down the block, to
the area between the McDonald's and the Northern
District Police Station.
Yesterday after a long day at work, I was riding
the bus home. in front of the McDonald's we
stopped to let some folks on and off. there were
an inordinate amount of kids hanging out,
laughing, teasing each other, the usual. A guy
got on the bus and started closing windows, and
opening the air hatch on the top of the bus. As
we pulled out of the stop, one of the kids
whipped a huge bottle or cup of water at the bus.
the thing hit right above my window and burst.
luckily my window was closed so i did not get
wet, but the guy who had opened and closed the
windows, as well as a few other people in the
back of the bus got soaked. I watched him wipe
his head, face and neck with a tissue to dry off.
He said to the day laborers, "Guess i closed the
wrong windows."

Bus Report #13

Was it something they ate?

Everyone was in a good mood on the 22 yesterday
afternoon. There was an adorable baby sitting
with his mom in the front of the bus. he wasn't
any older than a year, and he was wearing a huge
pair of shiny pearl-white Nikes. They were almost
as big as he was. He was giggling and It seemed
to infect the rest of us.
I smiled.
The thin, tall guy with the neck tattoo (it's a
snarling jaguar, i noticed finally) smiled, and
he smiled at me too which was a first. His short
friend with the red corderoy jacket smiled, too.
At Shotwell, a happy little family (Mom and four
kids) tried to get out the back door but the
driver didn't notice. The rest of us called
out, "back door!" and she opened it for them.
At Mission, the good mood continued to spiral
out. Two elderly ladies with huge bags got on the
bus, and when one started to fall, a short Latino
guy with lots of gold chains and a muscle tank
shirt helped her up.
The kids were not bad, the cell phone
conversations not as inane as usual and there was
no trouble.
Hopefully today will be as good.


Anonymous :: jozjozjoz :: said...

I love the Professor! He finds such treasures!

P.S. - I love you, too Rachel!

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