Friday, November 04, 2005

Bus Report #110

It's a rainy morning in San Francisco, but I still managed to get to work on time. I got off the 22 Fillmore at Bryant Street, and I had to squeeze past three immovable people on my way out the back door. I will never understand why people stand in the stepwell when it's not their stop, especially when there is room in the back.
Ah, the luxury of bus travel...
My sneakers squeaked against the blacktop in the Safeway parking lot. I didn't mind: I had one of my favorite scarves wrapped around my neck and a hot cup of coffee from Peet's.
As I passed Theisen Glass, I saw a puddle of water full of large chocolate truffles. A pigeon was pecking at them.
They are doing pile-driving in the formerly-empty lot and each time the machine boomed my coffee-holding hand would jerk a little and my eyes would blink. I walked fast, and held the cup out way in front of me so I did not spill on my jeans.

Another thing:

To honor Rosa Parks, MUNI posted signs with her photo and birth and death dates in the very front of many MUNI buses. The-World's-Worst-Daily-Newspaper reports that people have been stealing the signs as souvenirs and that most of them have been taken just since the other day.
I have seen three of the posters, hanging right above the first seat on the bus. They show Rosa Parks sitting on the bus glancing out the window. They are very tasteful and reflective.


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