Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alien Donut Man, Part II

There was a period of almost a month where I did not see the Alien Donut Man even once. At first I figured I had just missed him as I shuffled past the donut shop with my groceries.
But as the days passed and I walked by more often than usual, his absence made me sad at first, then worried.
I've always worried about him. He just seems like such a fish out of water, a lonely man (alien? Not alien? Only he knows for sure) sitting by himself in the middle of the donut shop.
I would slow my pace as I got to the corner to make sure I wouldn't miss him.

Last week my efforts were finally, thankfully rewarded.
There he was, in his usual blue windbreaker, sitting ramrod straight in his seat with his Styrofoam cup of coffee and his donuts laid out on top of a napkin.
I peered at him and then looked away before he could catch my eye.


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