Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bus Report #197

The bus luck continues...

I had a class at Fort Mason on Tuesday, and while I knew how to get there I was not sure about where to catch the 28 to get home. I went to class early so I could scope out the transit situation.
Just my luck, the bus stop was across the street from Fort Mason. Easy.
After class I crossed the street to wait with a painting student and an older man with multiple plastic Safeway bags.
The bus came and we got on, and I dozed on the ride home.

Last night I took the 10 Townsend to Fremont and Market, in order to catch the 38 or a 38L. As we approached the stop, I saw there were two buses already queued up: a 38 and a 38L! There was no way I would make either of them, as our 10 was still in the middle of the street and not near the stop yet. I asked the driver, a driver I see every time I ride the 10, if I could just hop out right there. He opened the door for me and I bolted out. I caught the 38L without a moment to spare.
As I slid into my seat, my boots skidded against the floor and made a loud squeak.


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