Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bus Report #200

Have I really written 200 MUNI-related posts? Yikes!

Last night after catching up with The Teacher's Pet, I waited at the the MUNI stop at Church and Market. It was raining, a very fine, misty rain and it was cold. There was one other person at the stop, a man with a lot of plastic bags that he was busily shoving into a backpack.
I didn't really want to wait for the 22, so I decided I'd catch a cab or take the bus, whichever happened first.

I got to talking with the plastic bag stuffer while waiting for a bus that was not coming and for an unoccupied cab. He had a familiar-sounding Spanish-speaking Caribbean accent.

The man mentioned the Chronicle article about the buses being 70% on time.

I said, "Amazing that the 22 was not on the trouble list."
He agreed. He said, "You know what they call the 24 Divisadero?"
"What?" I asked.
"They call it the 20-Forever!" he said, smiling.
"The 20-forever," I said, testing the name out. "That's awesome."

Five minutes later, our 22 came.
I still half-had the cab plan in my head, for when I was waiting for the 38, but it turned out that the 38 came right away. I stood in the back. It smelled like spilled beer.


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