Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bus Report #198

Or How Rachel Makes MUNI Work For Her

Last night I had my class at Fort Mason again. I took the 22 & the 38 home, said 'hey' to the fish, then grabbed my HUGE totebag and my sewing machine in its carry case and headed for the 28 bus.

The 28 came and I got on, managing to score a seat in the back of the bus. My neighbors were a teenage boy with horrible skin (poor kid), an older man who wouldn't stop smiling and a boy who was so delicately beautiful it took me a moment to realize he wasn't a girl.

The smiling man said, "Can I ask what's in that case?"
"It's a sewing machine," I said.
"Oh, cause I thought maybe it was a cat carrier."
"God, what a mean person I would be to have a cat in here," I told him. Because, you know, the sewing machine case has no holes in it and it latches shut at the bottom.
He kept smiling. "Yeah, you looked too nice to be carrying around a dead cat," he said.
Well, what kind of reply do you give to that? I just grinned and nodded my head.

Everyone got out along Lombard except me and the beautiful boy. He was wearing jeans with a rose embroidered on the thigh and had an ipod clipped to his sweatshirt. He pulled a small compact mirror out of his backpack and stared into it.

We rolled down Lombard, past all of the old-fashioned-looking hotel signs and flashing neon. I'm not one for the Marina, but there's something about that stretch of Lombard that throws me into a time warp and I feel like I am a tourist in the 50's.
The 28's last stop was right across from Fort Mason. Who knew that classes at Fort Mason were so convenient, if gotten to on the bus?
Thanks, MUNI!


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