Monday, February 26, 2007

Bus Report #201

Saturday I high-tailed it down to Polk Street to meet M., after spending a quiet morning participating in the Green Apple Books Read-a-thon, to benefit 826 Valencia.

I was still sleepy after my short stint reading in the cozy window of the Green Apple bargain store, and I almost missed my stop.

I crossed the street and passed by the Love Cafe, where I saw A. sitting in the window with her boyfriend. I mouthed a 'hi' to her and tapped my watch in a 'I've got to go meet someone' gesture. A man walking behind me laughed at my inventive sign language.

I walked down Polk until I reached the meeting spot. It was just starting to rain a little so I ducked under the awning and pulled out my little writing book so I could jot down some notes while I waited.

I noticed a couple of men nearby, their heads down as they fumbled with car keys and change for a parking meter. One of the men looked up: It was the Handsome South Asian chef!

He looked at me and smiled, and sort of laughed. "Hey, how's it going?" he said.
I smiled, too. "Great," I told him. It was funny to see him outside of our usual setting. He always dressed casual but this time he had a more put-together casual look going on, and no baseball cap.
He and his friend walked past me and into the bar next door.

M. showed up a minute later.


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