Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bus Report #203

No one asked me if I had a cat in my sewing machine case last night.

But the bus was still quite late, so the deja vu has not ended yet.

At the bus stop, I reluctantly got to talking with the guy who was sitting there. He seemed a bit twitchy and on edge, so I couldn't tell what his story was.
His name was Thor and he had missed his shuttle to the VA Hospital.
"They told me I got lung cancer, can you believe it?" he asked me, before he was attacked by a coughing fit. "I'm way too young for this," he went on. "Way too young."

I agreed, because he was young. He said he'd been in the Vietnam war, but not actually IN Vietnam. "Silo in the middle of North Dakota," he said, rolling his eyes. "Just as bad."

He told me several times that he had missed the shuttle, and that he was worried that, without bus fare, the driver wouldn't let him ride over to the North Bay. I suggested he show the driver his VA ID.

We waited. And waited. And waited some more. I kicked the bus shelter in frustration. I punched the side.

"You're getting mad now," Thor said.
"I've got class in half an hour," I said.
"I got a PET scan Friday in San Rafael," he said. "Tell me what all I got in here."
"Hopefully nothing too bad," I told him.
"Yeah. I mean, if they gave me a date I'd just go wild, crazy, go out with lots of pretty girls."
Oh, bus gods, I thought, rescue me before Thor asks me out!

The bus came ten minutes later. The driver took pity on my new friend and gave him a ride.
"Have fun at your class," Thor told me before he got off at his stop.
"Good luck," I replied.


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