Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bus Report #204

Last night I rode the 22 Fillmore with Ramon. We discussed horrible neighbors, and he won. It was nice to see him.

I managed to successfully catch a bus to class and back, with plenty of time on either end.

While I was in the midst of sewing my project, a boy I met on the 28 last week wandered in to say hello. He takes a drawing class, and they were on break. He is a funny kid, kind of vague and confused-looking.

After class I waited in the stop with the little elderly lady who is taking a design class. We chatted for a moment before she started talking to one of her classmates, a guy who spoke to her in broken Spanish. I amused myself but eavesdropping into their conversation, which was predictably about design.
He kept stumbling over the word 'materiales' and she kept coaching him. It made me smile.

As the 28 approached Geary I pulled the signaler and stood up, clutched the pole and waited.
Suddenly, the bus braked, hard, and I went flying forward, swinging all the way around and crashing into the side of the door. The whole time, I did not let go of the pole, so I never hit the floor. Instead, I ended up smushed against the door, still on my feet.
"Sorry, you okay?" called the driver.
"Fine," I said.
The driver asked, "You want to get out here?"
The man standing behind me said under his breath, "Yeah, as soon as possible."

The driver opened the door and we got out. He smiled at me through the window and mouthed an apology.
I was fine so it did not matter.
This morning, my stomach and ribs are feeling it a little. No bruising, though.

Blast from the past Wednesday:
Imagine my surprise to see Carmen on the 22 this morning! She's been taking the 33 lately and I've been missing my daily Carmen fix. She has a stylish new haircut, and we caught up on all the latest news. It was nice to see her. We'll try to finish our conversation tomorrow morning, if she takes the 22 again.


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