Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bus Report #205

This morning I ran for the 22 and caught it right before it took off. Carmen was there and she had saved me a seat.
"I was about to get off and wait for you," she said, smiling. "I brought pictures."
This was an understatement, as she had brought her whole photo album. The album had a red leatherette cover and it was about 6 inches thick.
"Let's see," I said.
She struggled to get the album out of her backpack, but finally had it open on our laps by the time we got to Eddy Street.
Her photos were from her recent trip to the Yucatan. She had some wonderful photos from Carnaval and others from the ruins they had gone to see.
We had barely finished leafing through the album when we got to her stop.
"See you tomorrow," I said. "Thanks for sharing the pictures."
"You're welcome," she said.


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