Friday, September 21, 2007

Bus Report #254

The smiley bus driver picked us up on Geary and delivered us safely to Fillmore.
The teen girl and I only had to wait a couple of minutes for the 22 Fillmore. It threw me off a little, since usually we have a longer wait.
Then, to make things even better, Carmen was on the bus and she had saved me a seat! I hadn't seen her in months, maybe since June, so it was nice to catch up. All is well in her world. We chatted in our usual mix of Spanish, English and Spanglish.
The little first grader and her mom were sitting in front of us and the little girl kept turning around and staring at us.
Maybe she couldn't understand why I was speaking in Spanish when I look so... English-speaking.

The man who looks familiar from the back still looks familiar, but I don't know who he is.

At Safeway they had McIntosh apples, for the first time this season. I bought three.

I saw Emiliano skateboarding in circles at 16th and Potrero.
I saw Emiliano wipe out while skateboarding in circles at 16th and Potrero, and then he shrugged his shoulders in an apology to the person in the car he almost plowed in to.
The light changed and Emiliano whizzed by me on his board.
He wasn't going very fast so I caught up with him a block later.
He was standing outside the coffee shop on his board with his coffee. He was wearing a baseball cap instead of his Team Zissou hat.

A 22 Fillmore passed by. One of the sewing ladies was on it and she looked out the window at me. She smiled and I smiled back.

The new Whole Foods is still a wonder to me. It's so nice looking from the outside, and in the early morning it is mostly empty except for employees stocking shelves and preparing food.
Two people were sitting in the cafe part. A hulking security guard stood at attention at the front door.

I have a good feeling about today.


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