Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bus Report #276

This afternoon I took the 1 California down to Embarcadero to see Margot At The Wedding.
I really thought it was a great film, go see it and let me know what you think.
On the way home the bus started to get crowded in Chinatown. My neighbor across the stairwell in my apartment building got on the bus, and sat down beside me. The bus got really full after that. People were pushing each other, or else bumping each other with their massive shopping bags. A couple moved up to sit in the seat in front of us.
The younger man in the couple made it to his seat before the bus started again, but the older man in the couple lost his footing and started to fall backwards. Mrs. J. caught him by the arm.
He thanked her. I noticed he had beautiful, glass-blue eyes.
He made it to his seat, crunching his shopping bag between the seat and the wall.
Mrs. J. and I gossiped about the other neighbors and the landlord. It was interesting to get her insight about the other tenants.
She cleared up a couple of questions I had about our old landlord, and I filled her in on the happenings on my side of the stairwell.
She got out of the bus a few stops before I did, because she had to go to the market. I rode the bus right to our street and walked up the hill in the cold.


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